College Pointers
  1. Get Started Today! By now, you’ve hopefully started to research your options to choose a college. If you haven’t, then get started today! Start by looking at nearby schools and make a list of the ones that interest you. As you browse through all your options, be sure to make a note by the ones that seem like a good fit. It’s important to consider multiple campuses when choosing a college to attend.
  2. Narrow Down Your List. Once you’ve made a list of potential colleges, you can start to narrow the list down. This phase of research will help you decide where you want to apply for admission. These tips will give you an insider’s look at the campus life of the schools you’re considering.
  3. Get Social With Your School! Learn about day-to-day life at the colleges you’re interested in by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms. Follow the schools you want to attend and see what they post. This will let you see the campus through the eyes of current students.
  4. Visit College Campuses! You can learn a lot of information about the culture of a college by visiting their campus. Touring the campus and expressing interest in a school can play an important role in the admissions process. Be sure to go and meet people in the financial aid department, because they will go above and beyond to help you find funds to attend school. While you’re on campus, take a look around the department in which your classes will be held.
  5. Research Requirements for Applications and Financial Aid. Now that you have a short list of colleges that you’re seriously considering, you can begin to work on the application process. Make a spreadsheet to keep track of application requirements, essay topics, admission cut off dates, FAFSA
    deadlines, etc. Staying on top of all these dates will help you get ahead in the admissions process.

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